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Idea, Creative Concept & Copy

feat. Anne Tetzner for NETFLIX Germany 


To promote the start of Season 3 of Sex Education for the German market we created a purposeful, never-seen-before measure that would have a real impact on young people:  

Together with XY we recorded "Schluss Mit Shame" -

an entire album on Spotify full of positive affirmations, motivational speeches and a whole lot of wholesomeness – interpreted by amazing celebrities and influencers like Bill Kaulitz, Tupoka Ogette, Enissa Amani, Yassin and Tarik Tesfu


In their assigned tracks each ambassador addressed a different topic: such as body shaming, slut shaming, mental health shaming, bullying and many more. Issues which are relevant not only in Sex Education Season 3, but also in peoples everyday lives.


The outcome was an album we all wish we had when we were younger: 10 tracks to help young people build up their own self-worth as well as a strong stand against all forms of systematic and personal shame in our society.  

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