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Idea, Copy & Creative Direction

feat. Anne Tetzner for NETFLIX Germany 

"Don't Look Up" on Netflix is not your average end-of-the-world blockbuster. In light of the actual dystopian outlooks the world is facing these days, this one hits home different.. Literally. 

To highlight the black humor of the movie as well as the underlying message we created an utterly absurd and satirical campaign

Huge billboards with funny headlines in Berlin, Cologne, Hanover and Düsseldorf transported a doomsday-esque end time atmosphere into the real world. We even created an XXL mural with a real sculptured burning comet.  


To mix reality and fiction even more, we brought the film’s notorious news magazine “The Daily Rip” to a German audience. In 3 episodes of the satirical comedy format established German celebrities as well as young TikTokers tried (and failed) to prepare us for the upcoming apocalypse. 


The Daily Rip Production: Qolabo

OOH Art Direction: Max Quecke, Patrick Pichler

Mural Production: outframe

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